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Sit down Menu


Foogath (2pc)  $13.50 Prawn Patties (2pc) $15.90
Spiced vegetables in a light pastry, shallow fried and served with mint chutney. Coarsley chopped Black Tiger prawns mixed with mash potato spiced with garam masala, chilli and garlic. 
Papadi Pakodi Chaat (3pc) $13.90 Jeera Chicken (3pc) $14.50
Lentil dumplings topped with herb yoghurt, tamarind and crispy wafers Chicken breast pieces marinated in garlic, yogurt and roasted cumin, drizzled with olive oil and cumin dressing. Cooked in the tandoor. 
Eggplant Bonda (3pc) $13.50 Coan Tandoori Chicken(3pc) $14.50
Potato and eggplant in a batter consisting of rice flour, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves. Topped with coconut chutney, Thigh fillet pieces marinated with yogurt, cinnamon, garlic, mint, chilli and corinader. Cooked in the tandoor. 
Baga prawns (4pc) $17.90 Patti Samosa (2pc) $14.50
Black Tiger prawns dipped in a pickled lime, rice flour and chili batter. Shallow fried.  Tasty deep fried triangular pastries lled with spiced minced lamb, served with tamarind chutney.
Soft Shell Crab (4pc) $17.90 Tandoori Lamb Chops (2pc) $17.90
Soft shell crab with ginger, lemon juice and mint dressing, coated with corn flour and chickpea batter.  Mouth watering cardamom avoured lamb chops.
NZ Silverbait $16.90 Mixed Platter(per person) $18.90
Light and crispy, chilli salted, dipped in a tangy white our and shallow fried. Selection of Tandoori Chop, Murgh Nariel and Foogath.



Chicken Pistachio $22.90 Beef Calvo $23.90
Tender chicken pieces in an irresistible rich pistachio sauce. Beef cooked in a sauce consisting of roasted coriander, ground almond, cardamom and cream.
Butter Chicken $22.90 Beef Vindaloo $23.90
Boneless chicken pieces simmered in a tomato cream sauce. For the hot food lovers. (A Goan speciality.)
Chicken Xacuti $22.90 Beef Chilli Masala $23.90
A Goan speciality consisting of ground poppy and cumin seeds, nutmeg, chillies and tamarind extract. Southern Indian style dish cooked with red onion, garnished with mustard seeds, ginger, dried red chillies & coconut.
Chicken Cafreal $22.90 Prawn Galmo $25.90

Herb marinated chicken breast pieces pan cooked in a green masala sauce of garlic, spanish onions and roasted cumin.


Kerala Lamb $23.90


Black Tiger prawns sauteed with butter, black peppercorn, green chillies, mustard seeds and diced eggplant in a tomato base.
Kerala Lamb $23.90 Prawn Panjim $25.90
Tender lamb pieces cooked in a sauce of shredded coconut, curry leaves and mustard seeds. Black Tiger prawns sauteed with fresh garlic, mustard seeds, onion and snowpeas.
Lamb Feijoada $23.90 Goan Fish Curry $25.50
An authentic lamb dish cooked with black-eyed beans tossed in a masala consisting of ginger and lemon juice.  A famous Goan speciality. Smooth Dory pieces simmered in a tangy curry sauce of coconut, red chillies, shallots and curry leaves.
Lamb Baingan $23.90 Salmon Calangut $26.90
Tender lamb cooked in a onion base with smoke roasted eggplant, garam masala and cream. Goan style dish consisting of atlantic salmon pan cooked with roasted cardamom, black cumin and creamy mushrooms.
Lamb Temperada $23.90  
Boneless lamb cooked in a sauce consisting of cumin, chilli, garlic, malt vinegar, tamarind, cherry tomatoes and spanish onions.  


Vegetarian Dishes

Green Beans $17.90 Palak Paneer $17.90

Fresh green beans with potatoes and roasted sesame seeds with a touch of onion sauce and cardamom powder.

Home made cheese with fresh english spinach.

Tarka Dahl with Fresh Spinach $16.90

Malai Kofta $16.90

Lentils tempered with mustard seeds and English spinach.

Potato and cheese dumplings with sultanas in a tomato and cream.

Pumpkin Goathi $16.90

Sabzi $16.90

Pumpkin pan sauteed with roasted coriander powder, chilli, grated coconut, tamarind, mustard seeds, with a hint of cream.

Combination of mixed fresh vegetables in a semi-dry sauce.

Manchooran $17.90


Crispy cauliflower coated with sweet chilli sauce, pan sauteed with shallots, green chillies, capsicum & coriander.



Breads, Rice and Pappadums


Nan - Leavened bread $3.90

Date & Tamarind Chutney $2.90

Garlic Nan - A touch of garlic $4.00

Hot Plum & Apricot Chutney $2.90

Nan Kashmiri - Nan with almonds and sultanas $5.50

Mango Chutney $2.90

Tandoori Roti - Wholemeal bread $3.90

Raita (yogurt and cucumber) $2.90

Tandoori Parantha - Crispy buttered  $3.90

Tomato/Onion $2.90

Basmati Rice - Per person $3.00

Mixed Pickles $2.90

Pappadums (4 in a serve) $4.00

Mixed Green Salad $9.75

Platter of three - excluding salad $8.25

 Platter of three- excluding salad $8.25